Pater’s EP SOLE is out now with new single Sleep

Pater starts to sing Sleep from outside the window.  The voice pulls the curtain away from the window to allow the sun light into the empty room. The sun light reflects on the objects that are bound to the room such as the couch, the toys, the empty table and of course the empty cartons of take out food. The objects are in a collision course with the sun light which will light up the room. The blinded vision is falls to the floor as the ears open up to the songs of  SOLE. The notes, the words, the voice of reason from Pater enter with the sun shine from the outside.

I got a taste of Pater’s new EP SOLE and was engulfed by the music. I enjoyed the album with her voice of reason throughout the worlds she sang. The words brings more truth than an unopened book but gave you the lessons of the story told. Check out Pater’s new EP Sole and of course her new single Sleep.

Listen here:

Press Release:

It’s a pick ‘n’ mix of sounds for you to take what speaks to you, and hold it close.
My debut, self-produced SOLE EP is a six-song inquiry into the self.
SOLE stands for solitude, isolation, and, well, the soul.
I wrote “Sleep” on an afternoon in isolation when I gave up on using this time to be productive, and just took a long nap.
This is a song about feeling powerless in turbulent circumstances. Right now feels like a transitional period where the past isn’t worth returning to, and the future is full of uncertainty.
Sleep” grapples with that collective feeling of limbo.
My hope is that it can be of comfort to those feeling helpless.
Thank you for listening,
Päter (rhymes with later)

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