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Party The Night Away Without Leaving Your Room – Isolationist Nightclub Simulator Goes on Sale for 50% off from May 24th to May 31st!

Escape to the virtual nightclub scene this Spring in Edwin Montgomery’s Isolationist Nightclub Simulator sandbox-meets-multimedia art simulation, which goes on sale for 50% off on Steam. From today until May 31st, create, explore, vibe or simply relax in the lush soundscape of this immersive nightlife experience, with a new step sequencer instrument added to let you blast the bunker beats out to your heart’s content!

In an alternate timeline, a plague has all but shut down life on Earth’s surface, driving you to seek safety of your very own desolate fallout shelter, where you escape into the vivid simulation of a futuristic, neon lit, labyrinthine nightclub. Create your own nightclub mix with no musical knowledge necessary by using in-game instruments, including a synth keyboard, drum machines, bass loops, arpeggiators and an all-new step sequencer which allows you to build and control 8 note loop patterns. Feel like dancing and relaxing instead? Explore a series of serpentine spaces, including an art gallery, a forest-scale garden, an arcade and a number of chill-out rooms where you can enjoy a virtual beverage and relax to the soothing sonic tones. With the in-game messaging system, leave notes for other players to appear in their nightclubs as randomly generated toilet wall graffiti or messages on drink coasters.

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator is supported by Creative Victoria’s Sustaining Creative Workers grant and is designed to provide a relaxingly creative part walking simulator, part modern art installation experience that offers something for everyone, no matter what mood you are in.

About Edwin Montgomery

With a background in classical composition and a Masters Degree from AFTRS in composing for screen, Edwin Montgomery is a composer, musician and sound designer who works across film, games, immersive theatre, installations and mixed media artworks. Recently they scored the award-winning feature documentary Time, which won Best Documentary Directing at Sundance 2020, and created the unique sonic-drive interactive multimedia cult hit Sisyphus Reborn, as well as the Neon Cyborg Cat Club.

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