Party Hard Tycoon Alpha is out now, build and manage the most insane party

Download Party Hard Tycoon Alpha right now

Hello and welcome to Party Hard Tycoon. This is the most inaccurate party management sim you’ve ever played.

Your job is to build and manage an insane, off the hook party. In typical Party Hard-style, the means to get there can be… questionable. This Alpha contains the core loop of the game, and you’re free to do whatever you want with it – play it, stream it, record it, etc. The full game will have a campaign mode, many more maps and modes. The purpose of this Alpha is to watch people play and fine-tune the core loop before launching the game on Steam this summer.

Here’s your to-do list

We’re curious to see what you think of Party Hard Tycoon.

The alpha is free and available to everyone. Feel free to link people to for their free download. Here’s our official tweet if you’d like to help spread the word.

Thanks, and happy partying!