PARIS UNLTD new song LIKE A WANNABE is out now!

Paris Unltd is a London born now Toronto based artist who likes to do things differently. With a long standing fascination for music and the sounds you can create with the modern day elements at your disposal, Paris’ approach is somewhat unorthodox. His sound is expansive and instantly distinctive, full of unusual and invariably imaginative sonics that transcend beyond the norm.


Influenced heavily by poetry and spoken word, Paris took it upon himself to create something you wouldn’t hear on the day to day. His new single ‘Like A Wannabe’ is a perfect example of his craft. Paris Unltd immediately unfolds his sound, with auto tuned vocals with a highly distorted effect, making for a compelling listen.


His voice is then surrounded by a driving snare drum, guitar riffs and attitude, resulting in an encapsulating energy that will immerse the listener in an instant. ‘Like A Wannabe’ is clever and witty without you even realising, as his songwriting capabilities also come to the fore in this multi-genre track. The track switches mood completely part way through, with a synth taking over proceedings before coming to a climactic finish.


It’s diverse, out of the box thinking from Paris, and just showcases his art and what he wants his music to portray, which is a fresh and enhanced modern pop sound that we could all get along with very easily.


Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Like A Wannabe’ Paris says:


“​​It’s about becoming bigger than what’s holding you back from being the architect of your own life. If I wannabe something (if I want to triumph), then I have to be a doer and not a trier.”