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Parasite Pack Xbox Series S Review

Parasite Pack is a two game pack that is sold as one for gamers to check out. Both games are puzzlers that will have you drinking that extra cup of coffee to bring on additional concentration powers to the realm. The two games in the game pack are literally featured as parasites! They are the Flea and a Tapeworm or Tapeworm Disco as you know from the game. You know how Tapeworms are… they dig those tracks! (ok bad dad joke) Anyways, I was able to download Parasite Pack to my Xbox Series S console. The game booted up fast which also had an option to chose which two games you would like to try and play. I played Flea first and then made my way to Tapeworm Disco Puzzle.

What I love about Flea:

Thinking: I had to put my thinking cap on and make sure I maneuver the Flea on certain parts of the ground. I didn’t want to get destroyed by those obstacles. Those obstacles remind me of unlit candles haha but hey, we have our vices.

Puzzles: Each puzzle is unique and different from the last level. You will try to capture all the blood cups for your Flea but if not, try to get to the green part to go to the next level. I spent many lives trying to capture each one at first until I just concentrated on making it to the next level.

What I love about Tapeworm Disco Puzzle:

Ability to Move Backwards: I was able to retract my steps as the tapeworm once I couldn’t reach one of the music symbols. Then, I can move the correct sequence to get the music symbol in that spot during the level. I enjoyed that as I could experience the use of my brain in certain levels. I digged that!

Flea and Tapeworm Team up: I digged this hard! I used the height of the Flea’s jump off of the Tapeworm’s head to produce some epic adventures in one of the levels. I liked this cross play with each character to help each other gain something in the end.

My Concerns:

There were some levels that were harder than other levels in both games In one level, I  nearly lost all my lives while playing Flea yet when I got to the next level, it was easy peasy. I’m just trying to say the consistency of the build up of difficulties in each level that should go up like a rollercoaster.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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