Parallel Film Review

Parallel directed by Isaac Ezban is a story of a group of friends trying to hit it big with a phone app. As things are not going as planned they find a false wall in their house. Only to find a whole hidden side to the house with an unreal secret a mirror that will change their lives forever.

As they learn about what they can do with their found power they use it to finish the app but it is only the start. As they grow more and more comfortable using the mirror they start to abuse it. They find the journals of the old woman that lived there before. She was looking for her dead husband in different parallel’s and she finds him.

Now with each one of the group started to use it for personal gain and cheat the system. A strain on the friendships starts as well a few are playing dangerous games. Leading to one of them getting killed in a parallel for lust starts the downward spiral of the group.

This film was a great look into what we as humans would do if given the chance to jump into different versions of our lives. This film showed many different emotions and inner struggles to stay within their moral compass. Overall it was a fun film to watch and I suggest giving it a watch and think what would you do in their shoes.