Pandora The CW TV Show Review

The CW channel has brought a show where you will sing the phrases of its science fiction storyline. Pandora is a show that is futuristic show with a storyline that will have you second guess everything. You are introduced to Jax, the main character, and watch with her homeworld of New Portland was destroyed. She had to move to Earth to live with her uncle who is the main professor at an academy for future personnel in the military. She enrolls there and meets her friends Atira, Greg, Delany, Thomas and former enemy of Earth Ralen.

Jax is also introduced to an assistant professor who also works with her uncle as well. His name is Xander and throughout the series, we learn more about him and why he is there to work for the uncle. Throughout the episodes, a new mystery is unveiled about Jax’s history and information of her friends.

I fully enjoyed the first season as the storyline introduced a lot of aspects of Jax, her friends and her surroundings. They went into detail on why we had to look for other planets to live on, her friends own situations likes Thomas powers and Atira rising up for the clones. Then there is Ralen who learned more about himself and accepted a few things on the way to be a big part of the story towards the end.

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