PAC-MAN Takes to the Tournament Stage with PAC-MAN 99 Challenge Events!!!

PAC-MAN and esports fans, the time has come to prove your maze navigating skills and abilities against other players! Kicking off on October 9 and running through December 5, there will be eight open-entry PAC-MAN 99™ Challenge events in North America, each hosted by well-known content creators; stay tuned as we announce our first content creator partner via our PAC-MAN Twitter channel at on October 6.

Each PAC-MAN 99 Challenge event will comprise 10 Password Match game lobbies! Competitors earn points on the event leaderboard based on their final placement in each game – ranging from 1 point earned for a 99th place finish to 50 points earned for a PAC-ONE victory! Once all 10 Password Match game lobbies have been completed the player with the most points on the leaderboard is the winner! Players who earn top five in PAC-MAN 99 Challenge events will win PAC-MAN™ 99 Deluxe Pack DLC and official PAC-MAN merchandise!

To learn more about the PAC-MAN 99 Challenge event, including registration directions, host information, and tournament schedules; please visit the tournament website at: