Over 10 million people watched the Hello Neighbor cartoon this weekend

Hello Neighbor got its first Animated Series Episode

Last Friday we premiered the Test Pilot for the Hello Neighbor Animated Series. It’s a 6 minute proof of concept video where we give fans a taste of what a full season might look like.

The Hello Neighbor franchise currently consists of 3 games:

  • Hello Neighbor (2017) – the original game
  • Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek (2018) – prequel
  • Secret Neighbor (2019) – multiplayer spin-off


Cumulatively, these games have over 30 million downloads. The more interesting part is that the franchise has spawned a book series that recently crossed 2 million copies sold. And it’s the same author (Carly Anne West) that wrote those books that is the writer on the Animated Series.

We shared the Test Pilot with the world, and as of writing this it’s closing in on 11 million views on Youtube.

We’re hoping this kind of reception is going to spark interest amongst distribution networks – be that the regular streaming suspects or traditional networks. So that we could get a full season made.

We strongly believe that building a strong franchise and expanding it to multiple mediums is the way to go in this oversaturated video game world. Developers need to think about how to build long lasting relationships with fans through the power of intellectual property. To build something that will still be relevant years from now. This is how we approached the expansion of Hello Neighbor – the third game in the series was actually developed by a different studio, while the original studio was working on the next game, and helping with the animated series. It all comes together. And we are excited about doing this with more brands. The “indie publishing” business is dead. It’s a game of brands now.

Thanks for reading, and any coverage is appreciated as always!


Watch the Test Pilot


Hello Neighbor Animated Series

Pilot Episode: Breaking and Entering
Writer: Carly Anne West
Animation Production: Animasia
Publisher: tinyBuild
Release Date: 17 April, 2020



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