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Outbuddies Review by Sir Nick Justice

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Outbuddies an open and fantasy world called Bahlam, is nothing like you have experienced before!

Upon downloading the game on PC my first initial run was very quick so I knew what I was about to play. After a quick toggle between keyboard and hooking up my Xbox controller, I found the controller to be easier to use the abilities you’ll be using throughout the game quickly and in combination with. No extra action was needed to switch between, simply just plug and activate and the game will adjust accordingly with options should you need to change button layout. For those that combo quickly or have difficulty, this is definitely worth checking out if applicable.

I had no idea of the amazing world that lays 36.000 feet under the sea. Mario in a bio suit? Not quite but he is named Nikolay Bernstein a shipwrecked archaeologist who finds himself displaced into the lost city underground. You find a floating companion help you along the way with your often expression of confusion emoji face responses, to emphases truly how lost you will feel. You will find yourself in some side scroll like areas but only for a little as you wander and figure out what you can and cannot do or go through. It’s a nice way of quickly figuring out more or less where you should probably go. But be careful there is all types of monsters and creatures that you will face. And you will find that your buddy can assist you in co-op features where you do certain puzzle problems with them.

The energy thrown into the game is very mysterious and dark. A calm 8 bit style game with mellow contrasting colors that give a lot of nostalgia every turn of the game. Even the settings almost had me reading the pixels for a moment like it was windows 98’. Be sure to pay attention because once the verbal instructions go away or are not near you to re-read the pixelated tutorials might be a bit frustrating to figure out. Once you master the mechanics you will be powering through in no time. But be sure to watch your step!

You are brilliantly given instructions as you get to know your capabilities in the game but found it somewhat hard to depict the monsters due to the colors being somewhat similar without too much light shadow outline. Once you adjust to the exploration in this unique atmosphere that often has you guessing. You feel the mechanics of what is medtroidvania that have you trying different capabilities you need to pass certain obstacles. This is a common progression you will find yourself trying over and over in combinations or experiments.



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