Our Machinery, an independent game and entertainment technology development studio, today announced that The Machinery is live and available for purchase.

Using a completely plugin-based model, The Machinery offers a wide range of tools and applications to help developers create and build compelling games, interactive experiences, and high-end virtual worlds.

With simplicity and scalability in mind, The Machinery is designed to be “hackable.” All code is written in C, a significantly simpler language than C++. Developers can write their own plugins and build completely new applications on top of the API, all while allowing for real-time collaboration where multiple people can work together within the same game project.

With The Machinery’s limited Early Adopters Program, developers can purchase The Machinery for a discounted price of $50.00 per year for independent developers and $450.00 per year for industry professionals. Both pricing options come with the full suite of features, technical support, and source access. The Early Adopters Program is available until January 1, 2022. A free version without source will also be available. For more on the Early Adopters Program, please visit:

“During our time working with other technologies, we saw a need for a flexible and lightweight 3D engine,” said Tricia Gray, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Our Machinery. “It’s been exciting and challenging making a new game engine in a space that’s pretty competitive, but we feel The Machinery offers a robust and customizable experience that will allow developers to have much more freedom and flexibility to create the game of their dreams. We have tremendous passion for what we do and look forward to working with the many developers that share our passion to create.”

Our Machinery recently secured a seed round from game developers: Arrowhead Studios, Fatshark founders, Martin Wahlund and Rikard Blomberg, and Avalanche Studios founders, Linus and Viktor Blomberg.

“We invested in The Machinery personally because we feel strongly about its capabilities and performance,” said Linus Blomberg and Viktor Blomberg, Avalanche Studios Founders. “We will be opening a new game studio later this year and The Machinery will be our engine of choice to develop and create the games we are envisioning. The team at Our Machinery has a clear vision of their own and goals that align with our values. We see our partnership lasting for many years to come.”

“We worked with the team at Our Machinery previously and trust their ability to build efficient tech,” said Johan Pilestedt, Chief Executive Officer of Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers of Magicka, Gauntlet, Helldivers, and more. “When they first presented us with The Machinery, we were drawn to the engine’s features and the flexibility it provides while focusing on developer iteration time. We look forward to working with Our Machinery in the future.”

About The Machinery
Lightweight, hackable and modern, The Machinery is designed to be a high performance, easily modifiable, and plugin-able engine with a modern rendering architecture to fit the needs of developers looking to stand out in a competitive market. While primarily designed to be a game engine, The Machinery can easily be adapted for other purposes, such as architecture and movie previsualization.

For more information on The Machinery, please visit the official website https://ourmachinery.com/ and follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/ourmachinery/ Twitter https://twitter.com/ourmachinery  and listen to us on the Our Machinery Podcast: https://anchor.fm/ourmachinery/

About Our Machinery
Our Machinery was founded in 2017 with the goal of making game and 3D development easier, more diverse, and more fun. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we wanted to create a framework that lets developers express their individual creativity and customize their workflows. Our Machinery celebrates inclusivity and diversity. We strive to support our community’s needs and welcome all to join us.