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Our Kickstarter Ends Soon. Can we have $1?

Hello Friends and Family!


Our kickstarter ends soon, and we are well over halfway to our goal, which is great! If you haven’t seen it yet, the three important takeaways are this:


-People don’t think video games art. We aim to change that with this interactive art game.


-Future levels of the game will be made by other indie artists, who will make a profit every time their levels sell.


-The game was inspired by mental health, depression, and the death of my mother, but it has an overall hopeful message.


Every bit helps us reach our goal. Currently, we are in-between large investments, but the game is doing better and better every day. So if you even have $1 to spare, that would be awesome, and much appreciated. Here is a link to the project:


Enter the Reveries Kickstarter


Thank you for your support, as always.

Onwards and upwards!