Our 20 Favorite Focus Features Films That We Love

Focus Features Films will be celebrating a huge milestone this year as its their 20th anniversary. Focus Features Films have jumpstarted genres by giving the opportunity to film makers to express their art in films. The opportunities given has made careers out of their film makers and should I say: Legends of Film Making. I personally remember seeing majority of their movies with a point of view that gives movies a unique character.

This next part was very tough for myself which was figuring out a top 20 list of the films we enjoyed from Focus Feature Films. I grew up with Shaun of the Dead, I remember my youth with Dazed and Confused, I was astonished with curiosity with the movie 9, and many more. With this list compiled, the movies here continue to alter our futures with various degrees. We see more of ourselves through the characters and learn about the world around us.

Our 20 Favorite Features Films That We Love:

20. Last Night In Soho

19.  Come Play

18. Greta

17. Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

16. Mary Queen of Scots

15. Harriet

14. A Monster Calls

13. Mallrats

12. Hanna

11. The Pianist

10. Dark Waters

9. Shaun of the Dead

8. The Big Lebowski

7. Dallas Buyers Club

6. Darkest Hour

5. Blackkklansman

4. Hollywoodland

3. Dazed and Confused

2. 9

1.Won’t You Be My Neighbor