Operation Citadel now available on PC/Mac/Linux

Operation Citadel is a cross platform multiplayer turn-based strategy game set in WW2, now available on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), iOS and Android.
Operation Citadel covers ALL fronts of the second world war and the powerful editor can be used to recreate almost any conflict.
Operation Citadel features 900 unit types, numerous campaigns, huge maps and a complete suite of editors.
Operation Citadel has been developed by me in a year after playing my first wargame, and my brother, who made all the art within the game.
  • Worldwide online multiplayer (soon on mobile too).
  • Over 900 units
  • Customizable units (Rockets, bombs, drop tank, torpedo, trucks, half tracks, horses etc)
  • A rank and experience system for the units, and the player
  • Any country you want to play
  • A unit editor (Create or modify any unit you want)
  • A tile editor (create or modify any tile you want)
  • A country editor (Create any country you want)
  • A map editor allowing you to recreate any battle of your choice (up to 300 x 300 hexes and above if your PC can handle it)
  • A fully functional steam workshop to upload your work to, and download other’s
  • Easy modding.
  • Customizable strategic map.
  • An entire Europe map
  • An entire Pacific map
  • An entire Eastern front map
  • A campaign for major countries, with a core-unit system (Keeping units between scenarios)
  • A supply line mechanics (Optional)
  • Blowing up or repairing bridges mechanics
  • Diving / going to surface, and spotting mechanics with submarines
  • Retreat, surrender, capture mechanics
  • A morale mechanics (Optional)
  • A season mechanics + weather mechanics + clouds (Optional)
  • No time limit to complete scenarios if you don’t want to
  • Daily, or almost updates
  • A Demo
  • A complete guide on Steam + official tutorials on youtube