Open Beta for Survival Mobile Game Mini DayZ 2 Opens Today on Android and iOS

Hard-core ‘loot’n shoot’ survival game Mini DayZ 2 deals a heavy dose of challenge to foragers, explorers, and die-hard fans of the genre. Check out the Google Play and Apple Store to get access to Mini DayZ 2 for free.
PRAGUE, Czech Republic, March 18, 2021 – Bohemia Interactive launches Android and iOS open Beta for its hard-core zombie survival mobile game, Mini DayZ 2. Explore a graphic-enhanced 2D sprite world in charming old-school pixel art. With modern shooter-looter and base-building mechanics, Mini DayZ 2 challenges you to venture out into zombie lands, scouting for resources and helping your community to survive. Enter the open beta today on Google Play and Apple Store.
Mini DayZ 2 is nothing like other loot’n shoot mobile games. In this game, you will face a real challenge and will have to use your skills and wits to survive. Everything from the clever use of your map for navigation during Raids, to the items crafting system, is designed to test your survival skills down to the core.
In Mini DayZ 2, exploration is essential to survive. Across thousands of maps scattered in 25 raid locations featuring 16 different biomes, each with its own terrain and hidden treasures, you will find the junk and loot needed to craft other supplies and weapons.

You and other survivors must explore a zombie-infested world, where fighting is sort of a last resort; a poor decision can turn a simple supply run into a death trap. Raid buildings in search of supplies, upgrade your camp, and lead your community to stay alive. With access to 31 unlockable crafting blueprints, your base is fully upgradable, and so is your equipment and skills.
The rewards are bigger for the brave! As you discover the world and its challenging threats, you will find precious gear, food and blueprints that will help you get to the next location in one piece and back to camp with awesome loot.
  • Meet fellow survivors and become their fearless leader
  • Develop a base of operations and build a community
  • Forage for food and resources to help you survive
  • Stay healthy by monitoring health, morale, and infection levels
  • Embark on raids to obtain supplies and upgrade your base
  • Grow plants as you battle the elements and tame the wilderness
  • Unlock blueprints to create makeshift weapons and protective gear
  • Discover various rare buildings, decorations, and unique landmarks
Mini DayZ 2, is a direct sequel to the established predecessor, Mini DayZ. Both games branch out from the successful PC and console zombie survival game DayZ. Whilst DayZ takes place in a 3D online sandbox world, Mini DayZ 2 focuses at its core on its exploration and raids systems, as well as a base-building mechanic.
Check out Mini DayZ 2 free-to-play open beta available now via  Google Play and Apple Store.
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