Once Upon Deadpool Review

Got the chance to see Once Upon Deadpool earlier this week. The Princess Bride style storytelling of the Deadpool 2 with a much older Fred Savage and the F-bombs toned down. Added a fun layer to in my eyes to a great and funny film. The back and forth roasting and jokes made the cut scenes great but as far as the movie it does have some lack of blood and felt like some of the violence was taken out. It also felt like the recut took some of the continuity out to me but overall still funny. The pg-13 rating and releasing of the film adds to my thoughts of the studio testing the waters for a nonrated R Deadpool. Which in my books is a no go I want the full Deadpool, not the censored watered down version.┬áIn all, if you loved seeing Deadpool 2 don’t miss seeing it with the added fun of Fred Savage really laying into Deadpool with the jokes. I didn’t stay for the credits to see if there were any new post credit scenes for what I was told there are. Which I am bummed I didn’t stay to see.