Old School Gamer Magazine Brings Our Past Alive

While we were at Classic Game Fest in Austin, we were able to see something that brightened our eyes.

We saw this old school banner with this old school guy with a bright smile on his face. We were able to meet Ryan Burger who publishes Old School Gamer Magazine and introduced us to his magazine. We were able to get a free copy of the magazine and read from it on our way back from Austin.

The magazine brings up memories of retro gaming but with great information that surpasses a lot of today’s standards. There are sections such as Sports, Reviews, News, Bargain Bin, Walter Day Report, Interviews and much more. I enjoyed the reading of early computer baseball and how it first started out. I also enjoyed reading about Atari football and the cool games that transpired through it. The Collector Info part is really good and talked about the ColecoVision and Intellivision with prices for games out there.

This magazine showcased a need for every gamer and collector to read about stories that played out for their games and collections. They are able to read about stories that showcases information in a proper text, history and of course good photos as well.

Sign up now for Old School Gamer Magazine HERE and check out their website HERE.

Here is our Interview with Ryan Burger at Classic Game Fest!