Ohanami releases this week! 🌸


Available at FLGS starting 10/28!

Our last release of the year!
We’ve been busy this month! Ohanami is our last release of the month and the year. We’re going to be focusing on existing titles and recent releases for the next few months while we put the finishing touches on our 2021 releases.

Ohanami is a great title to wrap up the year with its beautiful artwork and relaxing gameplay. Here are some other highlights:
– Designed by Steffen Benndorf (The Game)
– Small size & price tag
– Feels similar to The Game, but with a competitive drafting phase
– Received The Dice Tower Seal of Excellence!

Grow the best zen garden!
Cherry blossom season is about the blanket zen gardens with their resplendent wonder. Water, vegetation, stones, and sakura trees must be placed in perfect harmony in order to become a Master Gardener.

Designed by the Spiel des Jahres nominated designer of The Game, Ohanami is a relaxing and competitive drafting game where players grow their gardens season after season.

Available at FLGS or our website for $14.95!