Odium: Reincarnated Rage Statue

Odium: Reincarnated Rage

Limited Edition: 300

MSRP: $975

I was grafted together for the pitiful purpose of another’s pride. In my making, you’ve unleashed more than just a mindless beast. Now feel my wrath!”

If you enjoyed my last Sideshow statue I presented from their Court of the Dead series well I have another treat for you introducing from Sideshow Collectables comes, Odium: Reincarnated Rage Maquette, their latest addition to their original Court of the Dead Collection. For those of you who haven’t read the comics yet be prepared for some spoilers, Odium was forged by the hands of Queen Gethsemoni, leader of the Faction of Flesh and mother to all the Underworld. Odium stands as a testament to Gethsemoni’s necromancy… but also to her mercurial nature… and her pride. From his ruthless stare and massive body to the decaying bones of his opponents beneath his feet, The Odium:  Reincarnated Rage Maquette is the epitome of savagery. This towering badass behemoth is crafted primarily from PVC with detailed elements in fiberglass and resin. Standing at 26.5 inches tall and weighing in at a whopping 41 lbs. When asked about his design process, Amilcar Fong said that he used “pure rage” as his compass. Casey Love, the painter of the Odium, said: “For his armor, we wanted to go with some magical element running through, as though this gave him some power and drives his will to conquer anyone who dares to stand in front of him.” He also goes on to say “Odium’s armor is very distressed with pits of weathering and rust yet there is a beauty in the metallics coming through all this aged decay with some magical bluish pearlescent tones riding throughout the high points of the armor’s texture,” added Love. “Odium is by far one of my favorite pieces from the ever-growing Court of the Dead line.”  What’s included with Odium: Reincarnated Rage Maquette is a mask with the symbol of the Flesh Faction branded across its forehead as well as a separate stand for the mask, so you can display this symbol of faction pride when Odium is not wearing it. So what are you waiting for Bask in the glory of Flesh’s power and add the presence of rage incarnate to your collection with the Odium: Reincarnated Rage Maquette!, but ask fast with only 300 of these hulking behemoths lurking around you don’t want to miss your chance at one of these.

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