Oddity & AlarmSecur partner to detect high impact crime

Oddity.ai (https://oddity.ai/), a computer vision company specialized in real-time behavior detection, and AlarmSecur (https://alarmsecur.com/), a major international Internet of Things (IoT) home security specialist, have collaborated to bring to market an all-in-one and easy-to-use integrated security camera solution, providing enforcement agencies with a plug-and-play security device that includes remote and cloud features right out of the box, without having changing existing CCTV networks.

The innovative security solution enforces agencies to purchase an all-in-one package of AlarmSecur’s and Oddity’s software, automatically and cost-effectively connecting to existing networks almost anywhere in the world. This bundled connectivity unleashes a wealth of advanced device security features that include remote monitoring and AI-based cloud services such as activity recognition to identify car crashes and violence.

Connectivity is enabled and configured by AlarmSecur through Oddity’s Global Console Connect IoT service. The service makes use of advanced technology that connects to any existing CCTV network.

Roderik van der Touw, CEO, AlarmSecur, says: “We offer a EdgeGRID blackbox solution with AI computing for multiple scenarios. The Oddity AI software will be installed to our EdgeGRID blackbox, which can upgrade one to hundreds existing CCTV cameras to detect violence or carcrashes. The blackbox connects to our Live Alarm Centers for immediate event-based monitoring and appropriate response.”

Thomas Alflen, CEO, Oddity.ai, adds: “With Oddity’s AI and AlarmSecur’s IoT devices, we’re enabling a whole new era of security. The problem with many IoT devices, such as cameras, is that they produce too much data for humans to effectively process. Oddity’s AI ensures that critical events will never be missed, operators and law enforcement will be alerted when necessary.”

AlarmSecur.com, event based visual AI verification
Our Event Based Visual AI Iot Platform can connect any sensor, integrate with a camera and send photo and video 2 seconds before the event happened to a LIVE Video Monitoring Station.
Based on the visual verification you can take immediate action to solve the issue.
All solutions, devices and sensors are connected to a mobile app which can control 100% of all features. Furthermore all notifications are send to a local and/ or central LIVE Video monitoring station.

Our servers are 100% private and fully secured. No data sharing.

See the features of an AI IoT Platform with Visual Verification: click here.

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