Odario Drops Sizzling New Single “Hot Hot Heat”

The opening sequence in the new single from Odario gets your heart to beat faster. Your heart then becomes in sync with the song’s beat as your drawn to the voice of Odario. His new single is burning a hole through my headphones on how hot it is? What is this song called? Odario’s latest hit is called Hot Hot Heat with the “Hot” being emphasized big time!

Listen here:

Press Release:

Odario is a storyteller, a hip-hop junkie and a lover of many musical soundscapes. He is embedded in the beat and submerged in the bass. His solo project expresses all of these qualities; tackling the many sides of “beat poetry.”


On his latest single, “Hot Hot Heat,” Odario ventures into the infectious world of classic dance music with the help of vocalist Kamilah Apong (of disco soundcrew Tush) and producer/composer Todor Kobakov. “Hot Hot Heat” blends house music, hip-hop, beat poetry and jazz into one massive ball of fire & uptempo groove.