October 2017 Artist of the Month Deaconrap

Music takes fans to another place and another dimension for a proper enjoyment. The power of music can help the individual escape from current situations and enjoy music with a relaxed tone. This musician has taken his music and gave strength to his fans that want to listen and enjoy a musical escape. 

Drop The Spotlight’s October 2017 Artist of the Month is Deaconrap.


Deaconrap is a hip hop rapper that has incorporated his nerd life into his musical theme. He has generated fans from all across the country though his vision of how a nerd hip hop rapper should be.

He performs at events for his fans to seek out his musical vision and showcase the nerd life everyone should embrace.

He just came out with his first album called Nerd Life and will be doing an album release party soon as well. Album is on sale now! Get it now!!

Follow Deaconrap on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, AND SOUNDCLOUD and check out one of his shows as well.