Obey Me is available now on Steam, Xbox One & PS4!

We’re very excited to say that Obey Me is now available on SteamXbox One and PlayStation 4!

Obey Me is is a 3D action brawler featuring a duo of misfits demons fighting mutants, fiends and angelical machines. From developer Error 404 Game Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios.

Step into the middle of an endless war between the forces of heaven and hell as the lesser demon Vanessa Held and her trusty hellhound Monty. Fend off sacred and hellish armies for control over humankind’s souls while seeking to unravel a world-shattering conspiracy at the center of this eternal conflict.


  • Fusion Mode – Vanessa and Monty can combine their powers through a Fusion Mode, which merges the pair together to become an avatar of destruction, and also the ability to unleash the deadly Soul Overload attack when the Fusion bar is full.
  • Combo System – By absorbing the souls of her fallen foes, Vanessa can upgrade her weapons to learn more vicious combos, as well as upgrading Monty’s transformations.
  • Physically Based Rendering – Smooth graphics and special effects that will blow you away.
  • Immersive Storyline – Obey Me’s story of war and conspiracy among Angels and Demons in a decaying world is told not just through the game, but in a series of graphic novels published by Dynamite Comics, featuring art from Marvel veteran Ben Herrera.


Get the Comic Here: https://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?CAT=DF-Obey_Me

Get the game here:  https://www.blowfishstudios.com/game/obey-me