Norwegian Pop Group The Factory Return with ‘Stay!’



Norwegian pop four-piece The Factory make their stylish return with pop anthem ‘Stay!’. Blending modern pop beats with funky guitars and catchy melodies, the collective are set to make their return on June 12th with arguably their best release to date.


The Factory’s journey began when they were just 10 years old. For several years now, they have been living together with the same goal; making world class pop music. Years of laughter, tears, joy, sorrow, excitement, frustration, and thousands of hours of songwriting, jamming and producing has become everyday life for these four childhood friends.

Speaking more in the release, The Factory explained: Stay is about dealing with insecurities, mixed signals and being ghosted in the circus of Tinder-dating. In todays complicated dating-world you can feel really confused and frustrated over the game you have to play and all the mixed signals you have to interpret. I’ve been on a lot of shitty dates and got so fed up about all the bullshit you have to go through like dealing with mixed signals, being insecure and overthinking everything, so I just had to write a song about it.”

Having built solid foundations last year with singles ‘Too Close to get Closer’ and Fall out of Love’, The Factory now return with ‘Stay!’ June 12th, showing again their clever lyricism and genius through powerful, deep and sincere song writing.