Norway’s Indisputable Punk Rock Queen Ida Maria Gives A Kick to “Dirty Money” and the Commerical Music Industry In New Anthemic Video

Norway’s Indisputable punk rocker Ida Maria releases the joyous and anthemic new video for her EP title track “Dirty Money,” a fiery blast of scathing guitar riffs, searing vocals, and razor-sharp lyrics that detail how Ida experienced the music industry as a younger woman, often feeling exploited as a commodity instead of appreciated as a creative being. 

Whereas the explosive and snarling pop-punk song highlights some of the ways in which Ida participated in the dirty money ecosystem as a major label artist, the black and white video reflects Ida’s life now. “The most obvious idea for ‘Dirty Money’ was to make [a] sex, drugs and rock’n’roll video. But we’ve seen that 1000 times before,” says director Per Heimly . “So, then I thought, What is the most rocking thing Ida Maria can do? Well, to be a working-class hero who has three to four jobs during the day to be able to be a rock star in the evening at the local bar. Is there anything more rock and tough than being a fisherman, sheep farmer or excavator operator, who has to work hard to survive and to get their deserved salary? We want to strike a blow for the common man and woman, in strong contrast to the superficial and greedy society we live in, where people step on corpses to get their Dirty Money.”
A kick in the teeth to capitalism and the major label music industry, “Dirty Money” also serves as an inspiration to a new generation of women making their way in society. It’s a gritty cautionary tale about greed that proves you can not only live, but thrive outside the system and still rock. Ida’s making music on her own terms, and looking inward for self-growth. She’s having fun while proving that rock stars can live this way. She’s sick of “dirty money”.
As with everything Ida Maria does, there is a spirit of defiance and rebelliousness in both the song and the video, as if to say to her detractors and abusers, “Take a look at me now!”
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