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NON WESTERN Documentary Review

NON WESTERN is a Documentary of a Native/Non-Native couple in Montana learning to coexist with different beliefs. In a film by Laura Plancarte, she looks into the lives of a couple who are trying to find a middle ground in their marriage. Where Native American beliefs and western meet.

The strong beliefs of Thaddeus a Cheyenne man and Nanci raised by the Lakota tribe. This added to them trying to find their common ground with Thaddeus after leaving his home he was raised by a Christian family. They must learn to comprise with each other beliefs in a man and woman roles as They want to do a Cheyenne traditional marriage they must follow a set of rules to live by.

Nanci must follow the rules of the old ways of the Cheyenne and the roles of man and woman are set in stone. Thaddeus coming back to his roots is set in not letting his culture die in a modern way of thinking. This adds to the issues between the two with Nanci’s full-time career and coming home and take care of Thaddeus.

They love each other and are shown in the film just finding the path they can both agree to live with. A conversation with Thaddeus’s mother leads to some drama and to more problems. A real look into their lives and struggles.

Overall this film was an eye-opening look into a different culture and way of life. Each of us can make are our own opinion on who is right or wrong. That is not the point I felt this film was about is a looking to a different way of life than we are used to and it’s their life and theirs to make work however they see fit. So go into this one with an open mind and see a couple who love each other find their way in life.