“Nobuo Uematsu × Hironobu Sakaguchi Works Music from FANTASIAN” Now Available on Apple Music

From Mistwalker’s latest RPG on Apple Arcade, FANTASIAN, comes a soundtrack from legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu heralding a return to his roots — a style that at times gently comforts its listeners or grants them the courage they so desired.

“I worked on this project for about a year and a half, and because of the intense focus during those 18 months, the sense of achievement when we completed it was indescribable,” Uematsu states, “I could not be happier to deliver Fantasian’s soundtrack to the world. Sakaguchi and I have worked together for about 35 years but I’ve never seen him pour so much energy into a project like Fantasian. Perhaps it’s our old age, but I suspect Sakaguchi knew he had to squeeze every ounce of creative energy he had left. It’s been about six months since we completed this soundtrack, but I still have no regrets with how it turned out. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

In response, Sakaguchi adds “When I received the final orchestrated mix from Uematsu and powered up my amp and hooked up my seasoned 20-year-old speakers, music instantly began to fill my room. As I immersed myself, tears began to roll down my face before I even realized. It was as though the pain, sorrow, joy and vigor that Uematsu wove into the music reverberated every cell in my being. A mysterious energy of ’emotion’ — which is the theme of Fantasian — surrounded me. I cannot stress enough how amazing this soundtrack has become, and I would love for everyone to experience that journey. Uematsu’s very soul will permeate your skin and reach your own, carrying with it the subtle messages that come with a composer of his caliber.”

The complete soundtrack includes all 58 original compositions. Leading up to the 7.28.2021 CD release, the album is currently available on Apple Music!
[ Apple Music Link ] https://music.apple.com/album/1576490134

  • Main Theme of Fantasian
  • Overture
  • Dire Threat
  • Frontier Town
  • Owen’s Theme
  • Forest Light
  • Cinderella Tri-Stars
  • Expedition
  • Dimengeon
  • Kina’s Theme
  • Battle Oath
  • Servant of Chaos
  • Luxury Cruiser, Uzra
  • Gravity
  • Cheryl’s Theme
  • Sebastian’s Theme
  • Leo’s Theme
  • Stormy Sandseas
  • Great Battle
  • City of Water
  • Mechteria
  • Toy Box
  • Teardrop
  • Junkyard
  • Robot Rumble
  • Prickle and Clicker’s Theme
  • Resonating Hearts
  • Royal Palace
  • Thunderous Mountain
  • EZ’s Theme
  • Royal Capital
  • Chaotic Carnage
  • Realization
  • Chaos Realm
  • Valrika’s Theme
  • Master of Order
  • Frontier Lost
  • Mecha Infestation
  • Tan’s Theme
  • Shangri-La
  • The Frozen Lands
  • Blue Grotto
  • Long live the Queen
  • Communication Network
  • At Wrath’s End
  • March of the Ribbidons
  • Ice Bound
  • The Sanctum
  • God Realm
  • Torn Apart
  • The Final Battle
  • Rebirth
  • Cycle of Nihility
  • Fellowship
  • Epilogue
  • Bonds Unbroken
  • Departure
  • Kina (Destiny)
FANTASIAN by Mistwalker Corp. — FANTASIAN is a new RPG set against a spectacular backdrop made from over 150 handcrafted dioramas that blends physical environments and 3D characters.

The tale begins in a realm governed by machines. Players will assume the role of the game’s protagonist, Leo, who awakens from a massive explosion to find himself lost in this strange land with only one memory left to guide him. As players set out on a journey to reclaim Leo’s memories, they will unravel the mysteries of the bizarre mechanical infection slowly engulfing all that is known to mankind and explore a multi-dimensional universe where the balance of “Chaos and Order” becomes a key factor in the machinations of the gods who wish to control it.

The captivating story written by Sakaguchi is complimented by a sweeping soundtrack from celebrated Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.