Nitro Circus Flips to New Heights

Nitro Circus was an event where I was transformed into a child and watching with my mouth wide open. As a fan of motorsports growing up, watching motocross bikes going up and down the terrain looking very cool. The thrill of the sound of the dirt bikes is just an amazing sound to hear.

I was able to go the event with my family and they were just excited as such. The event was held at a baseball stadium in San Antonio but it felt like was being back in my back yard. The back yard has a wooded area where you can hear the neighbors driving through with their dirt bikes around the trails.

I was able to see Travis Pastrana perform at his highest at the event. I loved watching the show on MTV and being able to be in the place to watch was amazing. The players that were involved in the event were just as amazing as well. They were performing some awesome moves where I only saw in video games.

I will come back to this event again and see all the cool athletes as well.