Next Generation of Autonomous Tech & Smart Cities with Launch of Omnidirectional 3D Vision System at CES 2021

Huntersville, NC – February 4, 2021 MorpheusTEK, a leading robotics sensor and technology supplier, partnered with DreamVu, a leader in omnidirectional 3D vision, to launch the next generation of visual intelligence with PAL Omnidirectional 3D Vision System for Autonomous Tech and Smart Cities, bringing alongside them a revitalized image of contemporary robotics technology.
Autonomy is critical in a 21st century world, but the search to find a sensor that ensures top-of-the-line durability, accuracy, and implementation has proven impossible. That is until today, as DreamVu and their Omnidirectional 3D Vision System have seemingly redefined vision system technology, creating the only single sensor video camera to provide 360° sensing with depth perception.
The PAL Omnidirectional 3D Vision System is an ingenious camera-based system that leverages patented optics and imaging software to deliver an unparalleled 360°x110° RGB-D field of view-with complete color and depth. This system further redefines easy integration, by providing 360°, 3D visual coverage from a single camera.
With a compact design and no moving parts, this vision system substantiates and revolutionizes both indoor and outdoor applications that are governed by autonomy such as mobile robotics, cobots, security and surveillance, telepresence, and smart cities. Equipped with boundless practical solutions, the PAL camera combined with DreamVu software also counts people, monitors movement and triggers alerts when social distancing guidelines are ignored.
“Just as the digital camera changed the world and made film irrelevant, this new vision technology from DreamVu will obsolete existing stereoscopic cameras, forever changing robotics and smart cities” said Phil Hennessy, CEO of MorpheusTEK.
This groundbreaking solution continues to defy odds as it eliminates traditional constraints and empowers customers to innovate with low power, low latency, and low cost. Fostering situational awareness and contextual understanding, this affordable, versatile solution is taking the tech world by storm.
For more information search us/MorpheusTEK at the CES 2021 show ( under Great Star Industrial USA, LLC through end of CES February 15, 2021
About MorpheusTEK:
MorpheusTEK (MTEK) is a leading sales, marketing and engineering consultancy focused on delivering value-added sensor solutions for the robotics industry. MTEK has partnered with OLEI, a Great Star Co. and global industry manufacturer of LiDAR, sensors and custom laser applications, mAIrobotics, an emerging AI in the Cloud developer and DreamVu, a leader in leader in omnidirectional 3D vision, to help the world in robotics, security, industrial and commercial industries. For more information, visit and visit/contact us at CES 2021 show ( under Great Star Industrial USA, LLC.