New Zealand Cyborg Rockers, Data Animal, Share First Single “Death Racer” June 22 via Dedstrange

Data Animal’s new single and video for ‘Death Racer’ are out via Dedstrange June 22 as part of a rare 7inch vinyl release coming August 6th..   Mastered by NYC noise legend Oliver Ackermann. Be sure to get in fast as these will sell out.    Pre-Order on Bandcamp:Here

Watch the heavily strobing and visually nihilistic video for Death Racer, filmed in a garden shack and part-time Data Animal HQ in Auckland, New Zealand. Filmed by Alexander Schipper on 8mm & Hi 8 camcorder and directed by Data Animal, the video is a sonic and visual attack on the senses.

“Death Racer” scrapes a few lines of code from Throbbing Gristle’s database to program a mutant-cyborg hybrid of grimy NYC no-wave a la Suicide and Spacemen 3-inspired fuzz rock designed for a single purpose: full-out digital and chemical annihilation.


Data Animal is the second signing to Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers, Death By Audio) newly formed label, Dedstrange. Their over the top, endangered sound is a concoction of NYC’s No Wave legends Suicide being dragged across the floor by Tokyo noise provoca- teurs Merzbow while sweating your eyeballs out in an underground Berlin bunker. Founded between Germany and New Zealand in the midst of a global pandemic, the group is headed up by Mitchell James O’Sullivan (Aporia, Cynthia, Full Moon Fiasco) and Takumi Yanai (The Schizophonics, The Cavemen). Peter Magnun, owner of 8mm Music and Synästhesie Festval described them as ‘Hell’s Real Angels – these kids sound like some sort of fuzz cyborg death trip’. With growing notoriety after a blistering performance at 2021’s SXSW, Data Animal is the Techno/Rock n’ Roll group every replicant and freak worldwide have been waiting for.



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About Dedstrange:

Dedstrange is a brand new record label built from the smoldering decay of the music industry and now supporting the new flesh of the scene to let their pure unadulterated passion hit the streets. It is formed by people who have played the game, got beaten down over and over again, but just have to go on because this music has power.

Dedstrange is Death By Audio / A Place To Bury Strangers’ Oliver Ackermann, basement bongo disco freak Mitchell O’ Sullivan, and the manager with the golden heart, Steven Matrick.  Music to Melt Your Earbrain!

Stay tuned for more news on Data Animal including touring plans for: Other Ways Festival (Flying Nun),

New Colossus Festival 2022, SXSW 2022 and tours of Australia and the