New York based singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Velez new single “comfortable” out now!

New York based singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Velez has always had a passion for storytelling. Finding a passion
for her craft when she would write birthday jingles for her friends, Kaitlyn uses music as a means to help
navigate her way through life.

Her latest release “comfortable” is filled with pounding pop rhythms and soft synth patterns, candidly
articulating the end of a long-term, dysfunctional relationship. “Almost every girl I know has been ‘too

comfortable’ being in a toxic relationship. This song is knowing that you shouldn’t be with him but also knowing
that you’ll always go back to him”, Kaitlyn explains.

“I love that the cover makes you kinda dizzy in a sense. A fun time at the arcade with the boy you love that is
driving you crazy is for sure the vibes.”

Currently studying at Berklee College of Music, her love for pop culture is evident in every piece of music she
creates. This professional mindset influences her artistic process, drawing on life experiences to create a
deeply personal narrative – “I love creating music for myself and my friends”.

With new music to follow throughout the year, “comfortable” is indication of an artist on the rise.
“comfortable” is set for release August 21st.