Equal Vision Records and New York-based pop-punk trio Young Culture are excited to present “Tattoo,” a dramatic and catchy surge of unabashed emotion with shadows lurking within its foundations that was recorded with Anton DeLost (State Champs, Silverstein, Mayday Parade) at his studio in Toronto.


‘Never thought it would hurt forever when I asked you for your name,’ sings vocalist Alex Magnan over a chugging guitar line that soon travels into the past, pitting the optimism of back then against the reality of a relationship gone wrong. The distance between those two things is played out over an infectiously catchy pop-punk tune that is nevertheless carried by a sense of hope. Stream “Tattoo” on YouTube HERE and all platforms HERE.

“It’s a song about anybody that scarred you in a permanent way,” explains Magnan. “People can make impressions on your life and it can be permanent, whether that’s someone you’re in love with or a friend or something.” Guitarist Gabe Pietrafesa adds, “We just kept thinking about how tattoos share similarities with relationships. Romantic or not, positive or negative, long or short, they’re with you forever. And yeah, you can cover up a tattoo or forget someone existed, but each tattoo has a story to tell, just like every relationship. But if I’m being honest, there are some I regret, and I guess that’s kinda what this song is talking about.”


“Tattoo” marks the first time the band hasn’t worked with State Champs’ Derek DiScanio, but they nevertheless build on the foundation that he’s helped them lay down since the band formed in 2016. “Tattoo” looks forward to the future with an extra confidence — something wholeheartedly reflected in the track, musically and lyrically, from start to finish.

“I really think this is something that you don’t want to miss out on,” Magnan says about the band, its future and its intentions. “Now’s the opportunity to tap into it. We don’t want Young Culture to be a moment. We want it to be a movement.”


Stay tuned for more music and information on the band’s new, forthcoming 

full-length album on Equal Vision Records in the coming weeks.