[New Video] Rush the Dorito! Snapshot VR—High-Speed Tactical VR Arena Shooter Is Coming to Viveport Infinity!

Today, indie studio Giant Scam (a sincere and legitimate company, we swear) is pleased to announce that their upcoming virtual-reality arena shooter Snapshot VR will be available on Viveport Infinity at launch! On top of that, members of the Snapshot VR community have put together a hilarious and informative video to teach newbies to the Paintball scene a thing or two about bunker terminology.

“Know Your Bunker” is a handy public service announcement that walks you through some of the rather…unique terminology used by players in real paintball and in Snapshot VR. Communication is a huge part of the game, and knowing the difference between a “Mayan” and an “Aztec” (history buffs, please keep it chill) could mean victory or defeat. “Flank the Dorito” or “Behind the Snake” aren’t day-to-day phrases used by the general public, but if you lose the match because you rushed a “Cake” thinking it was a “Can”, your teammates are not going to be super stoked.

Go from beginner to pro by watching “Know Your Bunker”, found here: https://uberstrategist.link/Know-Your-Bunker-YT 

Snapshot VR provides a look into the future of competitive, tactical arena shooters by bringing the speed and intensity of tournament paintball — without all the mess of the real thing — into a highly competitive and customizable multiplayer experience within a vibrant and futuristic virtual reality setting. With one-shot kills and no respawns, players compete in teams of up to five in short-burst rounds while trying to eliminate the other team or hit their buzzer to win the round. Those who win five rounds claim the match.


Plan, Communicate, Execute—Snapshot VR Brings the Speed and Intensity of Futuristic Paintball to Virtual Reality

Experience the Rush and Fervor of Short-Burst, Highly Tactical, Paintball-Inspired Combat With None of the Mess on HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Grab the squad, brush up on your tactical maneuvers, and prepare to storm the enemy bunkers, as independent game developers Giant Scam Industries, announced today their VR arena shooter, Snapshot VR, is set to launch in Early Access this August on Viveport and Steam. Snapshot VR brings the incredibly fast-paced and intense tactical gameplay of real-life professional paintball into a futuristic virtual arena shooter with team-based matches of up to five players per side. With an average of only 45 seconds to dominate the other team, quick thinking, solid planning, and flawless teamwork are requisite ingredients for cooking up a victory stew.

The game’s title comes from the paintball term Snap Shooting, which is a fundamental skill based around firing quickly and accurately from behind cover. Snapshot VR aims to take this idea in the virtual realm, providing an almost true-to-life experience of competing in a high-level professional environment with all of the thrill and skill but none of the messy cleanup or painful bruising. When the buzzer sounds, each team has only a few seconds to scramble into position and begin holding down key-firing lanes. Teamwork and communication combined with battlefield awareness and the ability to quickly adapt to the opponent’s moves — calling out specific bunkers and directing teammates — are essential skills to snatching the win and getting the glory!

Watch the Snapshot VR Announcement trailer here:

[YouTube] https://uberstrategist.link/SnapshotVR_Trailer-YT
[Download] https://uberstrategist.link/SnapshotVR_Trailer-DL

“We are super excited for players to play Snapshot VR and experience what we’ve been working so hard on,” said Jesse Keogh, Founder and Lead Engineer at Giant Scam (with a decade of experience in competitive paintball as both a player and coach). “We wanted to make a game that truly feels like playing paintball — fast-paced rounds, one-shot kills, rapid-fire projectiles, no respawns — but isn’t subject to some of the limitations of the real-life sport.”

Snapshot VR features official National Xball League (NXL) maps and allows players to create their own custom maps using 2D Paintball’s Field Creator to design a two-dimensional map that they can then export to Snapshot VR. Choose a layout using a standard grid and then pick from a wide variety of bunker shapes — including cans, pylons, cakes, snakes, and more — that can be swapped on-the-fly prior to a match. Real-time data tracking offers in-depth analytics that shows everything from where players scored an elimination to which bunkers were most effective, and more, allowing for effective post-game analysis and strategy development. The rounds may be short, but, Snapshot VR promises a deep and rewarding tactical experience. Add to that cross-platform player profiles, skill-based leveling, matchmaking, and leaderboards and you’ve got a robust and complete competitive shooter experience!

Key Features of Snapshot VR:

  • Inspired by Professional Paintball: Snapshot VR brings the blistering speed, battlefield tactics, and intense, team-based combat of the real thing into a virtual arena with maps and gameplay inspired by real-life tournaments—with a hefty dose of neo-futurism!
  • Planning and Communication Ensure Victory: With only a short window to plan and execute, communication, teamwork, and adaptation are the keys to victory
  • One-shot, One kill: No respawns, no armor, no airstrikes. In competitive play with teams of up to five, eliminate the other team or hit their buzzer to win the round, win 5 rounds to claim the match
  • Stats for Days: Competitive sports are nothing without analytics, and Snapshot VR features deep stat-tracking and heat maps that allow for thorough post-match analysis and strategic planning
  • Move How You Want to Move: Three different VR locomotive options allow you to move your avatar effectively in a manner that suits your preferred style
  • Looking Cool IS Important: With customizable avatars and a bevy of cosmetic options, you can make your virtual competitor look as badass as you feel when nailing your opponent in the face from across the field

Snapshot VR will be available in Early Access for Windows PC via Steam and Viveport this August. The game will support the Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, and Vive Cosmos Elite, Windows Mixed Reality, and Valve index with support for additional VR devices at full launch. Additional features and content will be released throughout Early Access.
To keep up to date with all the latest news about Snapshot VR make sure to follow the game on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and the official website: http://snapshotvr.com. Join the growing community and engage with the team on the official Snapshot VR Discord.

About Giant Scam Industries

Nashville, Tennessee-based Giant Scam Industries is definitely not a scam — it’s a totally legitimate company. Founded by a team of innovative developers who met while working at Eventbrite, Giant Scam formed their studio to find ways to push the boundaries of virtual reality game development while creating experiences that are unique and exemplify everything they love about gaming. The studio got its start with its first title, VR rhythm game Chop It, where they explored algorithmic beat mapping in Unity, releasing an open-source solution for procedural rhythm games. Giant Scam is currently working on Snapshot VR, a competitive multiplayer shooter that will be available on Windows PC for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. For more information about Giant Scam Industries, please visit their official website: http://giantscam.com.

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