New SMALLAND Trailer at Future Summer Games Show!

Merge Games’ SMALLAND has its latest trailer premiered at the Future Games Show yesterday with the new footage revealing even more stunning content. Spotlighting the game’s stunning environment, highlights include a magnificent city built in the bows of an old oak tree and a predatory lizard out for blood!

Eagle-eyed viewers will also have spotted the trailer ends with an announcement that a demo is coming on PC in October so there’s not long to wait before players can enjoy the experience.

SMALLAND is an open-world, survival, online multiplayer, adventure game set in a familiar environment in which players have been shrunk down to the size of a tiny insect. Starting their journey at the bottom of the food chain players must survive by foraging for resources, crafting, and exploring seemingly abandoned locations now reclaimed by nature. As players progress, they will be able to create powerful armour, weapons and even be able to tame critters into mounts allowing them to take on even greater challenges. Collaborating with other players, the ultimate goal is to take down the world’s largest and fearsome creatures.

SMALLAND can be played solo against the environment or with other players. During their travels players will also learn of the varied factions that inhabit the lands, with each faction taking influence from certain creatures such as ants or bees.

Key Features
A huge open, sandbox-world to explore from a tiny perspective
Build bases and shelters with a host of upgrades and customisations
Discover the lore behind SMALLAND through quests and the hidden NPCs scattered throughout the world
Dynamic weather and random events organically create hazardous situations or fortunate events
Player upgrades and customisation, craft powerful armour to earn and unlock new abilities
Creature factions: Work alongside creatures, gain their trust, earn allies and mounts

SMALLAND is set to launch into early access this year on PC via Steam and Epic. For more information on SMALLAND, visit Merge Games’ website, follow on Twitter, or visit the official SMALLAND Discord server.