NEW SINGLE ‘WATERFALL’ by Leire is out now!

Having shared the stage with the likes of Tom Walker, Rag’n’Bone Man and seen support from a multitude of Spotify Editorial Playlists, London based singer-songwriter Leire (LAy/ reh/) makes her breath-taking return with her latest single ‘Waterfall’Leire provides an escape from the mundane, constantly pushing boundaries with her ever-evolving sound. Her powerful and thought-provoking lyricism provides a fresh perspective and immerses you in her stunningly exhilarating universe.

Born in a Spanish fisherman’s town, the young songwriter grew up surrounded by country music which has helped shape her current sound. Pulling inspiration from Taylor Swift’s melodic storytelling, mixed up with Lewis Capaldi’s emotive pop influence and Sia’s raspy vocals, Leire’s sound is ever evolving and grows stronger with every release.

Leire’s career was kickstarted whilst busking in Leicester Square. Her raspy, emotive vocals caught the eye of the right people and brought her all the way to sharing the stage with Tom Walker, Rag’n’Bone Man, Gang of Youths, Jake Bugg and Travis for The Worlds Big Sleep Out. Her latest release ‘Hator Hator’ saw immense support from Spotify, with a multitude of Spotify Editorial Playlists.

Starting the year with a bang, Leire speaks more on the powerful message behind ‘Waterfall’:

I got the inspiration of this song from the Black Lives Matter movement, but later I realised that this song really refers to any kind of social inequality. Sexual orientation, genre, race… It describes a process of fighting against the system and finally feeling free. With the word ‘waterfall’ I refer to freedom, like the water falls free, like opening your arms and flying, like being part of the Earth. It’s also a criticism to all the people that think they understand but they don’t, people that don’t understand white privilege, people that don’t support feminism, people that don’t accept the LGBTQ collective.

With the single set to drop January 8th, Leire’s first EP will be released in February 2021, where she will put together songs that “tell the truth about society”.