New Single How I Was Wrong by Sleepwoka is out Now!

You are taken through a room filled with nothing on the walls, nothing on the floor and nothing around you. No Windows and no escape! You hear the synth’s speak to you in a language that you don’t understand until Sleepwoka open’s his mouth. He gives you a chart filling speech throughout the synth sounds and helps you understand one thing. Sleepwoka’s latest single How I was Wrong is out now!

Listen here:

Press Release:

Whereas for many 2020 has been the year that stood still, for Sleepwoka he has been busy songwriting, recording, filming music videos and broadcasting live stream gigs. Sleepwoka’s music is produced in his bedroom in North London. The strong use of analog synthesizers brings a nostalgic 80s vibe and the dream-like atmospheric visuals add a surreal tone to the whole project.

Sleepwoka’s lyrics often reflect on the human condition and he is fascinated by how we change over time as human beings. Particularly poignant to the times we find ourselves currently living in, “How I Was Wrong” explores the notion we often believe in our youth that our best years are yet to come. The song challenges what we think is important and whether that is actually true, especially when we come to reflect on simpler times that may have been harder but were somehow freer.

Sleepwoka explains, “When we were younger, we always felt that the best times were always ahead of us and that we would be the kings of this life! As the years go by, and we begin to achieve our life goals, we realise that those carefree times were actually the years where we felt most free and alive. Although we had nothing, somehow life felt more Authentic.”

It’s an interesting challenge to the common trajectory of life to achieve success by working hard and often sacrificing the things that are truly important in the process. “How I Was Wrong” is a timely reminder to perhaps return to simpler yet fulfilling lives – an awakening many are pondering in 2020.