New single “Getaway” by Swedish Indie-pop sensation Two Year Vacation

Two Year Vacation is the band that originates from its own contrast. The quintet founded in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city, a seaport known for its rain, headwind and grayness, makes rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop with musical influences ranging from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Peter Björn & John. Two Year Vacation is about driving out all stale sense of the mundane.
Being the first track on their forthcoming album, “Laundry Day” due later this fall, “Getaway” was one of the earliest songs the band started working on when beginning the album process and a song that sets the mood for the full album. Its’ melancholic vibe dared the band to write something more honest and musically “Getaway” is an instant mood- booster and in its’ core truly a characteristic Two Year Vacation song and a perfect summer soundtrack.

Even though the name implies the opposite, Two Year Vacation doesn’t take vacations. Hence 2020 has so far already seen the release of the singles “Don’t Know Anybody Else” and “Never Been To Paris”, as well as the four track EP “Bedroom Rock”. Massively supported by both radio DJs and playlist editors the EP’s also been hailed by editorials dubbing the releases a “shot of indie sugar” (Bands of Tomorrow), calling it “a direct path from the auricle to the dancing leg” (Tonspin) and labeling “the positive impact (…) enormous” (Kraschfink). The band’s also been called “Swedens own Vampire Weekend” (Hymn) as well as “one of the best bands to originate from Sweden since ABBA” (Concrete Online).

With “Getaway” Two Year Vacation continue their cruise on the lake of good mood and in the video you can literally see the band sailing the archipelago of Gothenburg decpite a storm brewing.

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