New Single By Nik De ‘CAR RADIO’ out on NOVEMBER 20TH

Blend raw energy and deliciously gravely vocals and you’ve got DC rock artist Nik De, serving up his own breed of hard-hitting rock with new single ‘Car Radio’ dropping November 20th.


Blending pop melodies, elegant harmonies and glistening guitar tones,

Nik De’s raw and relatable lyrics have captivated our ears and hearts since bursting onto the scene back in 2019 with the release of his debut project ‘I Knew Love, But I Did Not Have It’.

Born and raised in DC into an Indian- American household, Nik grew up surrounded by the sounds of Bollywood music. In his early teen years Nik began immersing himself into the world of rock and heavy metal. It was then, that Nik knew his goal was to peruse a life in music and he hasn’t stopped chasing his dreams since. However, Nik had to battle with multiple setbacks before perusing his dream of being a musician. After losing his mobility, Nik was later diagnosed with CFS caused by Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Nik’s drive to fight this disease was enough to keep him going and he has never stopped reaching for more.

Now living between DC and Nashville, Nik has teamed up with producers Sayak Das of Roy Juno and Drew Polovick of Friday Pilots Club for ‘Car Radio’. Speaking more about the track, Nik explained:

‘Car Radio’ is a special one, I wrote this one after a long writer’s block about 3 years ago. It kind of just wrote itself and went where ever it needed to. When it was finally time to record it, I had the help of Sayak Das & Josh Parra of (Roy Juno) , Mike Grima who been here from the start, and Drew Polovick (Friday Pilots Club) who always been able to take my ideas and out of thin air make it more vivid. I just want to make whatever kind of music I want to; I draw influences from all over from GoldLink to Silent Planet. I want to make music that’s inclusive of everyone

Nik writes music for those who want to escape from their situations & feelings and build new perspectives. With ‘Car Radio’ set to release November 20th on all streaming platforms, Nik is one to watch out for.