New popCamera™ Smartphone Camera Technology from Japan Enables One-handed Selfies with Great Results Every Time

Simply tapping the back of the device activates the camera shutter, while motion sensors plus AI optimize the resulting shot.

TOKYO, JAPAN – Technology startup pop inc. of Japan is participating in CES 2022 to introduce popCamera™, patented motion sensor shutter technology that will revolutionize selfies by letting users activate the camera shutter by simply flipping or tapping the back of the device. Even in awkward situations or less than ideal conditions, built-in motion sensors plus AI technology work to “pop” an optimal shot.

“It’s time for a good solution to bad selfies,” said pop inc. CEO Nori Kamiyama, who conceived the idea for popCamera while watching tourists in Hawaii fumble with their phones and drop and even break them while trying to take a solo or group selfie using only one hand. “It happened over and over again, and I realized that if the user could simply tap the device itself to activate the shutter, the entire selfie experience would be more fun, spontaneous, and even game-like in the context of gestural interaction,” Kamiyama said.

Back in Tokyo, Kamiyama put his mind to work on a solution, wrangling research data and enlisting engineers to map out a practical product concept. “I discovered that almost thirty-five percent of broken smartphones are caused by dropping them while taking selfies, which is a significant amount. Another thing is, the trend in larger device screens is making one-handed phone use more and more difficult, especially for people with small hands, or those elderly with feeble hands,” he said.

The initial result of Kamiyama’s prototyping efforts attracted the attention of Japan’s global trade and investment promoter JETRO, which recognized popCamera’s potential to be a game changer in the smartphone space worldwide. “The promise of popCamera technology is a world where everyone from children to seniors, as well as people carrying bags or babies—or who have long and fashionable fingernails—can easily pop out a perfect shot with one hand and zero hassle,” Kamiyama said. “The technology is also great for tablet cameras.”

At CES 2022 patent* holder pop inc. will introduce the Android popCamera™ app to consumers as well as popCamera™ for SDK to social media app developers and smartphone manufacturers and telecommunication carriers who want to license and begin installing the technology in new products with next-generation camera functionality. The SDK consists of sensors mounted in a smartphone and software to detect quiescence, movement and vibration of the device and determine the optimal timing for shutter release.

To see the exhibition at CES 2022, please visit the Eureka Park area (first floor of The Venetian), J-Startup Pavilion, Booth #62102.

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* Japan Patent No.6142060 (Int’l. Patent PCT/JP2021/24315; USA 17/419,656) enables the development of semiconductor products that recognize gestures plus a user interface that allows for multiple features, including camera shutter control and advertising, e-commerce, and cashless payment functionality.

About pop inc.
Founded by Nori Kamiyama in 2018, pop inc. is a Tokyo-based technology development and patent licensing company specializing in the planning, production and management of value-added products and business concepts leveraging information technology and mobile devices.