New Lo-Fi Album Inspired by NieR:Automata Launches Today

February 11th, 2022 – Music label Curaga Records has just released its newest album inspired by Yoko Taro’s NieR: Automata. Video Game LoFi: NieR: Automata features ten chilled out tracks including: ‘Vague Hope’ with vocalist Tiggs, ‘Amusement Park’ with Save Point and ‘Treasured Times.’ Players who have wandered the dystopian world of Nier will feel right at home with this downtempo album.

Video Game LoFi: NieR: Automata artist, floopy, has stated that the soundtrack played a large part in the experience of NieR saying, “I wanted to add my own touch to these tracks while highlighting what makes them so special in the first place. This was my first time working in this genre and it was incredibly fun fitting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Track List

  1. City Ruin – Rays of Light (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  2. Peaceful Sleep – Camp Music (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  3. Amusement Park (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  4. Voice of No Return (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  5. Grandma- Destruction (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  6. Treasured Times (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  7. Vague Hope – Cold Rain (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  8. Weight of the World (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  9. Blissful Death (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]
  10. Weight of the World – End of YorHa (from “NieR:Automata”) [LoFi Edit]

You can lay back and relax to this album on SpotifyApple MusicBandcamp and most music streaming platforms right now. Want to hold the chill tunes in your hands? Physical copies are now available for pre-order. Grab the album on CD or cassette for $14.99 each over here.

About Curaga Records

Curaga Records is a video game music record label that releases Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Chill, Jazzy, and downtempo covers of video game music favorites. The label was founded in 2021 and has released renditions from games such as ZeldaSonicDeltaruneYoshiNieR:AutomataSkyrimGenshin Impact and more. They’ve since garnered over half a million streams across multiple platforms and continue to set the bar for the next generation of chill and lo-fi video game music.

Curaga Records

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