New Champion Yagorath unleashes Paladins’ Season 4

New Champion Yagorath unleashes Paladins’ Season 4

This acid-spraying giant worm is the most ambitious Champion to date

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ATLANTA – FEBRUARY 3 – Today Hi-Rez Studios released its highly anticipated Season 4: Calamity update for Paladins simultaneously on all supported platforms. Its ominous name is due to the arrival of Yagorath, the Devourer. This immoral invertebrate is now the Realm’s tallest Champion—and worst nightmare.

Here is her horrifying reveal trailer.

Yagorath is the first of many new Champions to come in Season 4 as Paladins moves to update more frequently, adding more content for its players.

New Champion: Yagorath

Yagorath is what it is to consume – absolutely. Today she joined Paladins as a gigantic six-legged worm-like abomination with claws and fangs on top, but also as a Frontline. Her looks, her lore, her abilities—everything makes her absolutely unique.

“Yagorath is by far our most ambitious Champion yet,” says Game Designer Kevin Readen. “We really want her to feel like a horrific monster, dominating the battlefield with devastating abilities and her intimidating presence, towering over everyone else. Her first-person in-mouth presentation in particular helps sell the feeling of being a scary monster. Her abilities highlight moments of power, both playing as Yagorath and against her, that allow players to feel like they have a raid boss in their midst.”

Yagorath switches between two clear-cut stances. With her travel form she rolls around surging at high speed and releasing acid pools. With her planted form she roots herself in the ground and fires out piercing quills at enemies as well as caustic acid—possibly to digest them better in the near future.

Her ultimate ability allows her to devour any Champion that comes too close. But this execution is conditional and the prey doesn’t feel helpless. With aid from heroic teammates the victim has a chance to destroy Yagorath’s temporary shield before being entirely consumed, and live to fight the Devourer another day.

Three new Editions & Season Pass 2021

Paladins’ Champion Pack is replaced with more flexible alternatives. The Starter Edition allows new players to get into Paladins more easily, unlocking a collection of the most popular Champions for just $9.99. The Gold Edition unlocks 30 Champions and 600 Crystals for $29.99. Paladins’ best-value offer is the Deluxe Edition, including all content from the Starter and Gold Editions, plus 10 more Champions and the Season Pass 2021, all for $59.99.

Paladins’ Season Pass 2021 is also available as a single purchase. It is out today and is the yearly bundle for newcomers and veterans alike. It unlocks all 2021 Champions plus their talents upon release, as well as various cosmetics for each including a Limited Edition skin. Upon purchase, players also get Limited Edition Soul-Stealer Furia as well as a new Mount—a noble Golden Gryphon— complete with 1500 Crystals worth $24.99.

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