NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Breakout, indie neo-pop artist Seint Monet has released her new original tune titled “In Line And In Love.”* Her fifth single release since the launch of her recording career, this track follows a waterfall of releases, serving as an introduction to her debut album, and is available today via all digital retail and streaming outlets.

Penned alongside producer Johnluke Lewis (LANY), the idea spawned from a personally comfortable but seemingly “alone” place.

“In a contemplative chat with Johnluke, I shared that I felt like I was in a really good place in my life, but the underlying thought of being in love was captivating—if it happened,” said the New Jersey native, Seint Monet. “The song is about being fine, being alone, but willing to open the door to explore love, even if it meant accepting less—just for the time being.”

Oo hoo, thinkin’ I’m in heaven
You’re a seven out of seven
Maybe that’s the best that I can get
Oo hoo, maybe I’ll regret this
But for now I’m feelin’ reckless
Even if it’s wrong, let’s pretend
I know I’m doing fine on my own
But it could be kinda fun (could be kinda fun)
To fall in line with someone (fall in line and in love)

“When we recorded the track, we wanted to create a musical resemblance and energy to that of The Dating Game as a playful sentiment to the storyline,” the songstress added.

A throwback to a game show theme song, the retro lead melody glistens with a vintage 70s vibe. Effervescent guitar riffs and synth highlights add depth to drive the sing-along; Seint Monet makes a special appearance on keys.
The corresponding “In Line And In Love” music video (produced by Talk Nice Productions and filmed in Nashville, TN) is staged in a retro hotel room and humorously mirrors The Dating Game television show. The clip will premiere via on Thursday, June 10, 2021.
Track Credits:
Written by Colleen O’Donnell and Johnluke Lewis
Produced by Johnluke Lewis (LANY)
Mixed by Geoff Swan (Charli XCX)
Mastered by Chris Gehringer (Grammy award winning)


Colleen O’Donnell, “Seint Monet,” is a vivacious 20-something classically-trained pianist who expanded her artistry to embrace song craftsmanship as a complement to her voice. No prisoner to any genre, Seint Monet’s flavorful style satisfies the palette of music enthusiasts with a hunger for fun-loving, nostalgic, colorful, yet abstract, musical getaways.

Seint Monet made her debut with her EP titled BLOOM, introduced by a rigorous release schedule that launched six tracks and three music videos throughout 2020. Garnering early welcome and support by media and playlists [including 360Mag, A1234, All Access, American Songwriter (“Dailey Discovery”), Atwood Magazine, Echo Magazine, Wonderland, Hype Machine, MTV (“Spankin’ New”), PopularTV and a number of Spotify editorials], Seint Monet enjoyed more than 500,000 organic streams across Apple Music and Spotify, and over 130,000 views combined right out of the gate.

The Nashville resident is poised to release a series of tracks throughout 2021 as an introduction to her debut album anticipated to drop next year.

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