Nemesis Realms Gaming Review

The power Nemesis Realms has strutted it out in the game just screams an intense guitar solo! You will be amazed on how much fun you will have playing this game. I know I when just experiencing something different yet unique. I enjoyed not only the fine details the artists put into the game but the fun factor was imminent once you start to play. 

You will be brought into a VR experience that you have never felt before. This game uses the full potential of virtual reality and just knocks you into a sort of a party. You can have 5 of your closest friends and come out and battle bosses and enjoy some fun, exciting game play.


I was a little nervous starting out the game as I’m not very good at VR games and I assumed that playing it would be slow and difficult. I was freaked out on how fun the game play is when your playing and using attacks on the bosses. I didn’t have any difficulty getting used to the controls, its pretty self explanatory and was pretty upfront about it as well.

After playing with myself, I invited a few friends over and we were able to experience the game together. This game is built to be more fun with your friends and the strategies you come up with in this game is awesome. We were so engulfed with the first stage, we forgot there was a second stage. We continued and turn an afternoon into an all day fun fest!

This is a game where VR enthusiasts will love as it helps shine more light in the world of VR. You will enjoy this game with friends as playing on a team is much more fun than playing alone. Get a group together, play more of this game and have fun. Better yet, rotate more in the sequence and get teams out there to compete against each other on who can provide the more fun against each other!