NECA Comic Storage Short Box with Joker Design Review

NECA Comic Storage Short Box Review

Upgrading from my plain BCW box to a newer, glossier NECA box was a no-brainer. Not only was the BCW box old, but it was also beginning to yellow and show a lot of wear and tear on the corners. The smaller box from NECA was a little problematic as it was a tad smaller. Out of the 125 comics I had stored in my BCW box I was able to comfortable fit 110 inside the NECA box, so that still left me with the problem of having to find storage space for 15 comics.

In the end though, I think it was a fair trade-off as the NECA box looks so much better. I don’t have to hide it in the corner ashamed of having a plain white box that’s yellowing sitting out for guests to see. The glossy coating should prevent it from yellowing too quickly and it feels much sturdier to boot! I’m glad I made the upgrade as comics are an investment to many people, and if it takes a few extra dollars to protect that investment then I say it’s worth it. These boxes are in short supply on the internet, you can’t even find them on anymore! Luckily, Texas Toyz from Corpus Christi had some in stock the day I dropped by, but they are in very short supply. Texas Toyz has a very active Facebook page and they’re constantly updating their story to let customers know what’s in stock, so check it out as it has information on their hours, address, and other useful info. Pick them up before it’s too late!

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