Natsuki Chronicles Review (PS4)

I have never been able to play such a unique shoot’em up game such as Natsuki Chronicles and after the first 30 mins I was hooked. It makes it even more interesting that this is a Prequel to the Ginga Force game. Natsuki Chronicles brings such a good storytelling aspect along with addictive gameplay.  


Gameplay: This game has a very highly addictive game progression. If you think you can beat the first level in one run, think again. With every run you are able to upgrade and increase the level of your ship which makes it so much fun to be able to play it again and again. 

Soundtrack: Each level I played I was always pumped due the fast pace music that was presented. I was always ready for a fight and I could not stop jamming out. It was hard to not put the controller down once the music started.  

Customization: The number of upgrades that you are able to do on your ship is insane. As you level up your weapons you are given the option to increase the damage or change the whole weapon completely. That is ONLY if you have enough currency to purchase the upgrade or weapon. Depending on how well you perform each stage you are rewarded with currency.  


Difficulty: I did find even at normal difficulty it did become somewhat frustrating to compete each level. There were times that I just wanted to change it too Easy. Too many times I felt that I upgraded enough and leveled up enough to be able to beat the boss and I would just get hammered.  

Speed: The amount of control is perfect in the game but the amount of Speed that your ship can move can be improved ever so slightly. I felt that I just was not fast enough to be able to maneuver between certain projectiles and I would just get hit multiple times which would than lead to my death. With all the customizations I was wondering why there was not a Speed increase option.  

Final Rating: “7” out of 10 

Natsuki Chronicles is definitely a game that will have you rage quitting but in a good way. It may have some flaws but the over Pros beat everything else out of the water. The story progression may not be what you were looking for in this game but the gameplay will have you coming back for more.