Native American Rock ‘n’ Roller Mozart Gabriel Releases Hot New Single “Leach”

October 8th, 2021 (Nashville, TN) – Native American indie artist Mozart Gabriel releases new single “Leach” (featuring Liam Cloud). The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“Leach” is truly the epitome of dreamy alternative rock, with a stunningly artistic performance from Mozart. The intensity of the instrumentation paired with the strange yet beautiful lyrics and incredible vocal styling from Gabriel makes the song a standout in the indie genre. The song is reminiscent of mid-80s Bowie while keeping a modern alternative rock sound that mirrors the sounds of The Black Keys, Radiohead, Jack White, and more. Mozart Gabriel is up and coming in the genre, solely because he uses unique, traditional storytelling techniques alongside an experimental sound to elevate himself as an artist and writer.

Gabriel not only gives an incredible vocal performance but has a solid band behind him through the entirety of this indie-rock masterpiece. The roaring guitar, thumping, musical bass, and tight drums make this song a true representation of what modern rock should sound and feel like.

Leach” Listening Link

“‘Leach’ is inspired by the series Twin Peaks and the David Lynch film A Fire Walk With Me. I imagined it as Kiss playing ‘Dr. Love’ in the Black Lounge Hotel. I think the song is very sexy and has a strong sound of pure, true rock ‘n’ roll. It should make you want to feel sexy in a cinematic, rockstar way,” Gabriel explains.

 Production Information
Lead guitar: Liam Cloud
Bass: Luis Couche
Drums: Danny the Indie
Producer: Lost Track
Mixing: Jared Corder
Mastering: The Hit Lab

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