National Champion$ Film Review

National Champion$ a film by Ric Roman Waugh starring Stephan James, J.K. Simmons, and Alexander Ludwig. Is a story of a college football player in the biggest game of his college career. On the cusp of being drafted to the NFL, he and his teammate are about to try to hold out for player rights to health care and rights. LeMarcus James will put everything on the line to make this happen even costing him his future career.

Going against everyone even his own team to make a stand. He feels that the colleges are making millions off the backs of athletes of all sports. For free education and are left with bills for their future health care. While the schools get a fresh batch of athletes to continue the cash flow. They try to put a stop to the strike of players as LeMarcus tries to gain more players to join the strike.

The powers in college sports are trying to dig up the past of LeMarcus and he has some skeletons hiding. They try to make him fold and fall line but both sides of the ball are playing for keeps. Real backstabbing and betrayal are happening on both sides making things messy. The true colors of some will come out. A powerful story and a real look at the college athlete’s life and the point LeMarcus was trying to make.

A great film over in my book a solid & of a 10 one will start to see why he wanted to change how they are treated. The story is well done and any sports fan will love to see this one. It is a bit slow and a lot of dialogs to get points across was my only issue with a great film be sure to watch and see how the story unfolds and if he made a change or not.