Narita Boy Xbox Series S Review

Narita Boy is a retro game with 80’s action but with comedy that will have you snickering with your controller next to your side. You play as Narita Boy who must save the memories of the motherboard due to the rogue programs running amok. You slash your way to destroy them and restore the memories for the motherboard to continue to process correctly.

I was able to download this game quite quickly on my Xbox Series S console using Xbox Game Pass. The game ran very smooth on my console and provide some pretty cool music to vibe! I will be looking into getting more gameplay of this game while swinging my sword to destroy those Stallions.

here is the review:


  • Slash and Destroy:
    • Searching….I mean…Slashing…. Slash and destroy! You are destroying these stallions with your sword. You can do special moves with your sword while dodging them as well. Very enjoyable!
  • Retro:
    • I felt like I was on my NES again as a child playing these games! The retro feel with the 8 bit of the character and the 80’s comedy was something unique. I enjoyed that feel which gave me an extra wave of nostalgia during the game.
  • Learning Experience:
    • When your inside the computer, you are learning about basic things the motherboard does. You learn about the processing method, memory, power, etc. I enjoyed that as I did go to school for Networking and Computer Maintenance and just gave me those feels!


  • Computer Lingo
    • I know many people that aren’t in the computer industry may not get the computer lingo such as memory, motherboard and etc. I feel this is a good way to learn about information concerning computers, but may turn off people that will not be interested in that.
  • Falling
    • Controls can be a bit tough to master in my own way, as I kept falling down and dying. I was able to get through levels but took me multiple tries during the game.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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