Leading Chinese developer 24 Entertainment is proud to announce that NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has begun its final open beta, with the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT beta live on Steam until June 22nd.

This beta sees a new addition to the game, the Spear, which players can use to stylishly stab and slash their way to victory. Another notable feature new to this latest beta is a newly optimised parkour system, meaning travel throughout Morus Island now requires fewer inputs; offering a much smoother experience than last time out.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT currently has servers in LATAM, NA (East and West coast), EU, SEA and, CN, AS. Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex are both enabled in the beta as well.

With the addition of more Soul Jades, reworked heroes and more gameplay optimisations, 24 Entertainment are hopeful that players who loved the previous beta should be thrilled with the changes they’ve made to the game.

For full details on the patch notes, please visit the official website

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will launch on the Epic Gamestore, Steam and on the official website on August 12th.

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About 24 Entertainment
24 Entertainment is a Chinese game studio founded by a group of artists, engineers, and designers; who are all gaming industry veterans. We have a shared vision of introducing global players to Eastern cultures through cutting-edge gaming technology.