NANPA BÁSICO charts # 13 in music videos trending world wide with “Carita de Angel”

The Colombian rising Hip Hop star
teams up with Gera MX and Charles Ans
in “Los No Tan Tristes”
Scheduled for release at the end of March.
It’s four singles are charting on Spotify’s Top 200 Mexico.
Performing at SXSW Online 2021,
on March 20th.
Los Angeles, California- March 11th, 2021.
Nanpa Básico, Gera MX y Charles Ans are celebrating. The first 4 singles (“Los No Tan Tristes”, “Déjame en Paz”, “Penitencia” y “Carita de Angel”) from their album in collaboration titled, “Los No Tan Tristes”, have charted #1 on Youtube Mexico’s trends and continue to chart on Spotify Mexico’s Top 200. The three Hip Hop artists reached #13 in trending music videos world wide , according to this week, achieving a new milestone for LatinAmerican Rap. ‘Los No Tan Tristes’ will be released at the end of March.
The Colombian rising star is scheduled to perform at South by Southwest (SxSW), which bring the best of technology, cinema and music together and the only Colombian talent confirmed. Don’t miss Latin Heat!
6-7PM PST / 8-9PM CDT / 9-10PM EST
After his Mexico tour was postponed in 2020, Nanpa will return to the stage in October and November 2021. This time the artist will also present his most recent solo album entitled ‘Unicornio’, released at the end of 2020, fusing rap, hip hop and reggae.
Francisco David Rosero Serna, better known as Nanpa Basico, is an MC with the ambitions of a poet, that has become an idol for a new generation of hip hop audiences. Nanpa’s music takes elements of rap and reggae, while his lyrics are characterized by an explicit language that has earned him the respect of his thousands of fans, mostly very young. With a concept that leans strongly on the sentimental values of life, rather than over recurring subjects in hip hop such as life, the street and social criticism. Even to sing songs of young lovers like Mia and A ella le gusta, he pronounces his rhymes viscerally which can be intimidating, with the energy of someone who is not afraid to expose his real emotions to the public. Those who have attended a Nanpa Básico’s show or have counted the millions of views of his videos, know that the recipe works.